Kerala Treasury Code Questions And Answers Part 1


Kerala Treasury Code – Kerala PSC Departmental Test Online Questions and Answers


1. In government department for receipt of money which form is used ?

Answer – TR5

2. The treasury officer shall require the claimant of a disputable claim to refer it to ?

Answer – The Accountant General

3. The defense pension paid at treasuries are classified in the state accounts under ?

Answer – Adjusting account with defense

4. contingent bill that requires countersignature after payment shall be prepared in which form ?

Answer – TR60

5. Cypher code is supplied to: ?

Answer – Treasury officer of the non Bank treasury with currency chest

6. In a treasury bill book the entries in column…….shall be filled up by the treasury officer ?

Answer – 7 to 11

7. Preliminary Report on a defalcation in a Sub Treasury shall be sent to ?

Answer – The Accountant General, the government and the directories of treasuries

8. The existence of pensioners who get pension by postal money order is verified by the treasury

Answer – Once in three years 

9.  The amount of lapsed revenue deposits refund it shall be accounted under ?

Answer – Miscellaneous refund

10.  A person or party to whom a draft is granted is called ?

Answer – Remitter

11. Pension paid to Tamilnadu pensioners in Kerala treasuries shall be classified in the accounts under ?

Answer – Inter state suspense account Kerala and Tamilnadu

12. Withdrawal from treasury security accounts opened by contractors are permitted through ?

Answer – Withdrawal forms supplied from treasury

13. The daily totals of each subsidiary register of the treasury shall be carried over to ?

Answer – Day book

14. Register of receipts of deposits ?

Answer – Form TA 13

15. …… Is prepared in TA 30 ?

Answer – Clearance register

16. Which of the following is the chellan for remittance of money to treasury ?

Answer – TR 12

17.  Periodical appearances of pensioners of identification has to be done ?

Answer – Yearly

18.  After the death of a pensioner, the disbursing officer shall sanction pay arrears to the pensioners if applied within ?

Answer – One year

19.  A gazetted officer who retired on pension is required to purchase last pay certificate issued by ?

Answer – Treasury Officer ?

20. When a forged note is impounded, it should be stamped with a word ?

Answer – Forged

21. Pensioners exempted from appearances ?

Answer – Women who are not accustomed to appear in public
               Who produce satisfactory evidence in infirmity
               Who produce satisfactory evidence of bodily illness

22. Receipts exempt from stamp duty ?

Answer -Receipts in favour of government

23. The number of cheque book that can be issued by treasury officer in a single requisition is ?

Answer – One

24 .The Treasury Officer shall pay any gratuity on authority from ?

Answer – Accountant General

25.  Who can exempt the fee of duplicate PPO (pension payment order) of a poor pensioner ?

Answer – Treasury Director

26. which form Number of slip to be placed on each bundle of notes ?

Answer – TR 31

27. Sub Treasury officer in a Sub treasury should verify the sealed chests and packets in safe custody periodically in intervals not exceeding ?

Answer – 6 months

28. use of ballpoint pen shall also be permitted for filling of bills and other documents vide government order number ?

Answer – GO(P)NO.68/77/FIN DT.22/2/77

29. The maximum amount of attachment against a government servant the limit prescribed in ?

Answer – Article 102 KFC Volume

30. Any transaction which cannot be allocated directly to any particular department is known as ?

Answer – Unclassified item

31. Rules governing the issue of certificate of remittance in lieu of the original receipt reported to be lost ?

Answer – Rule 94 KTC Voll

32. A place cannot be used as strong room for treasury use unless it is certified as secure and fit by the ?

Answer – Executive engineer PWD

33. The unused cheque leaves surrendered by the departmental officers to treasury shall be

Answer – Destruction by incineration

34. The periodical verification of the existence of a pensioners is called ?

Answer – Mustering

35. A small notebook in form number TR 27 is called ?

Answer – Cash received and dispatched register

36.  A Statement of claim against government containing details of nature and amount of claim is a ?

Answer – Bill

37. Temporary currency chests maintained at treasuries contain rupees with belongs to ?

Answer – Reserve Bank of India

38 .The item exempted from appropriation control is ?

Answer – Wages

39. If annual acceptance certificate of PD account is not received in the treasury, further withdrawals will not be permitted beyond ?

Answer – 31st May

40.  A Gazetted officer shall draw changed rate of dearness allowance on the basis of ?

Answer – Common authorisation from the Accountant General



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