Kerala Treasury Code Questions And Answers Departmental Test Part 2

Kerala Treasury Code – Kerala PSC Departmental Test Online Questions and Answers


41. Treasury bill book is used till the end of:

Answer – Financial year

42. The treasury form used to prepare bill for Pay and allowance of non -gazetted employees is:

Answer – TR-51

43. A bill becomes voucher when it is ?

Answer – Paid

44. The treasury Officer shall not pay any gratuity except on an authority received from the:

Answer – Accountant General

45. Every strong room of a treasury should get Certified for Safety by the PWD in which of the following period: ?

Answer – Annually

46. The annual Statement of lapsed Criminal Court deposits is to be prepared:

Answer – The treasury Dealing the accounts

47. Refund of a lapsed deposit amount should be accounted as:

Answer – Miscellaneous refund

48. Period of preservation of daily Scrolls received from the banks:

Answer – 3 years

49. Expenditure on Printing of an office Manual is to be classified under:

Answer – Publications

50. Private persons may obtain Chelans in the prescribed from the treasury while departmental Officers may obtain Chelan from:

Answer -The Government Press

51. The Sub treasury Officer shall Verify the Cash balance in the sub treasury at least:

Answer – Twice a month

52. A remittance whether made direct or through Currency chest between 2 treasuries under a single govt. Should be classified as:

Answer – Local Remittance

53. What action is to be done When a forged note is presented…?

Answer – Inform the police

54. The annual review report of the Accountant General on the working of treasuries will be submitted to:

Answer – The state Government

55.The sub Voucher of contingent Bill Shall be kept is safe custody for how many years?

Answer – 3 years

56. Reserve Bank of India Shall not entertain demand for refund of:

Answer – Stolen Note

57. Anamath balance register is maintained in form:

Answer – TR 19

58. Preservation period of register of payments of interest on Promissory notes is:

Answer – 10 years

59. who is the authority of issuing pension payment Order:

Answer – The Accountant General

60. Register of increment is maintained by whom:

Answer – Drawing Officer

61. Travelling allowance bill of non gazetted establishment are prepared in which form:

Answer – TR 56

62. Register of duplicate Keys and padlock of a treasury Can be destroyed:-

Answer – shall not be destroyed

63. Banking Regulation Act was passed in the year:

Answer – 1949

64 .The treasury bill book is in form:

Answer – TR 74

65. Register of power of attorney and succession Certificate etc are maintained in Savings bank in:

Answer – Form 24

66. Negotiable instrument act Came into force on Which year:

Answer – 1881

67. The jenmibhogam Pension is payable to

Answer – Devaswom managers

68. Arrear of pay bill shall be drawn in:

Answer – Arrear drawn on separate pay bill

69. Who is jointly responsible for the custody of Cash balance with the treasury Officer:

Answer – Treasurer

70.  A treasury cheque is valued only for….. months:

Answer – 3 months

71. The bill with an arithmetical error is Submitted in the treasury , the treasury officer may :

Answer – He may correct the bill and intimate to the drawing Officer

72.The treasury Officer shall Correct One of the following errors in the bill presented:

Answer – Arithmetical error

73. Sub treasury officer shall send to the AG anually a list of all retired Gazetted Govt.servants who were drawing their pension from the treasury and whose death have come to his notice
during the proceeding year:

Answer – 1st December

74. When a gazetted officer draw his first pay bill on being re-employed after resignation’ or forfeiture of Past Service:

Answer – Attach a Certificate of furnishing health Certificate.

75. The receipt on account of RBI Originating in a treasury in the state of Kerala should be Credited to the head of account:

Answer – Accounts with the Reserve Bank

76. The inspection report Prepared by the AG after inspecting a district treasury will contain:

Answer – 2 Parts

77. Two Keys of each double lock receptcle kept in the treasury room are entrusted to:

Answer – One Key With the treasurer and the other Key with the treasury officer

78 .The Custodian of Contigency fund of Kerala..

Answer – The finance Secretary

79. The two halves of P. P.0 are known as

Answer – Pensioners half and disbursers half

80. Draft will be treated as lapsed:

Answer – If not paid before the end of the 3rd account year after that in which they are issued



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