Kerala Treasury Code Questions And Answers Departmental Test Part 3


81. A bill becomes a ‘Voucher’ when   ?

Answer – receipted and stamped “paid”

82. The Treasury Officer should prepare a statement of lapses of revenue and criminal Courts deposits and forward them to the,……….. ?

Answer – The sub treasuries of the district

83. The contingent Bill is prepared in form ?

Answer – TR 59(E)

84. Accounts in respect of which no transaction have taken place for ——–complete financial years and more will be treated as Unoperated

Answer – 5

85. “Anamath” is ……. ?

Answer – Amount kept in treasury strong room but not included in treasury balance

86. Application to open a treasury savings bank A/c is in form No……… ?

Answer – SB Form No.1

87. Check Register of adjustments between Central and Govt is maintained in

Answer – T.A 3

88. Period of preservation of daily Scrolls received from the banks:

Answer – 3 years

89. Each item of revenue deposits received should at once be entered in a register in

Answer – TA 13

90. A drawing officer should cancel any cheques which has remained unpaid for a consecutive
period of —  ?

Answer – 12 months

91. The statement of Civil Court Deposits 31st March every year should be prepared by the

Answer – The Presiding officer of the court

92.While closing the monthly accounts for the month of March every endeavour should be made to
close if not later than…… ?

Answer – 5th of April

93. Refund of Election deposit should be authorised by

Answer – Returning officer

94. Register of receipts in the treasury is in form No.

Answer – ТА-1

95.Dues code for DA is

Answer – 22

96. The accounts of Govt. are maintained primarily on 

Answer – Single Entry (cash basis) System

97. The Kerala Treasury Rules came into force on:

Answer – 1.7.1963

98. The Treasury Rules of each state government is issued under article ..of the constitution

Answer – Article 283

99. who is the head of office of Audit and accounts

Answer – Accountant General

100. check means a return order addressed to by a person called the:

Answer -Drawer

101. Who is responsible to the government for the proper functioning of the Treasuries in the state

Answer – Director of Treasuries

102. Government account means:

Answer – consolidated fund Account, the contingency fund account and the public account of the state.

103. The deposit of Government money in the bank shall be governed—–?

Answer – by terms of the agreement made betweenthe bank and the government

104 .The accounts of receipts and payments at a sub Treasury must be included in the accounts of the District treasury?

Answer – Daily

105. The deposit by court shall be paid into

Answer – public account

106. The pension of an insane pensioner may be paid to under Indian Lunacy Act, 1912

Answer – Guardian

107. Which register is used for recording all sealed cash chests and sealed packets ?

Answer – Safe custody register

108. No individual is allowed to recognize as agent and receive a government servant’s pay and allowance unless he holds :

Answer – A Valid Power of Attorney

109. .. . should examine carefully on receipt of unused cheques returned by drawing officer.

Answer – Treasury Officer

110. A clerk accompanies a treasury officer for payments.Who is authorized to grant advance TA to the clerk :

Answer – Treasury Officer

111 .Rules relating to the receipt of government moneys and payment of such moneys in government account is :

Answer – Rules 88 to129

112. Form TA 19 is used as the register of :

Answer – RBI remittance encashed

113. When a pensioner has failed to appear to receive his pension for months the disbursing officer should make enquiries through the village officer ?

Answer – Three

114. Absentee statement shall be in

Answer – Form TR52

115. A receipt in which of the following form is given when a cheque is received by a government servant on behalf of government :

Answer – TR 6

116. The personal deposit cheques have the validity of :

Answer -3 months

117. A cheque drawn has been lost. The drawing officer shall request to stop payment to :

Answer – District Treasury

118 . Schedule of repayment of deposit is prepared in Form :

Answer – TA 29

119. The arrear claims of a retired non-gazetted officer shall be drawn and disbursed by :

Answer – Without reference to AG

120. Payments to persons not in government service are related to the :

Answer – Rule 214



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