Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade – II Question And Answer Part 4

76. One nurse is assigned the responsibility for the case of each patient from admission to discharge :

(A) Case method

(B) Primary nursing

(C) Functional method

(D) Team nursing

Ans: (B) Primary nursing


77. Informal communication is also known as :

(A) Diagonal communication

(B) Cross wise communication

(C) Grape wine communication

(D) Horizontal communication

Ans: (C) Grape wine communication


78. Which Article of Indian Constitution abolishes untouchability

(A) Article 23

(B) Article 65

(C) Article 17

(D) Article 124

Ans: (C) Article 17


79.The 73rd and 74th Amendments to the Indian Constitution were related with

(A) Creation of Local Government Institutions

(B) Judicial Review

(C) Unprecedented powers to the Parliament

(D) President’s rule in the states

Ans: (A) Creation of Local Government Institutions


80. Name the programme launched by the Department of Women and Child Development,
MHRD in 1988 to boost up women’s health, education and political participation.

(A) National Policy for Empowerment of Women

(B) National Perspective Plan for Women

(C) Swa-Shakti

(D) Swayamsiddha

Ans: (B) National Perspective Plan for Women


81.Which British missionary established an English school at Mattancheri with the financial
assistance from Cochin Government in the year 1818?

(A) Edward Brennen

(B) Bailey

(C) J. Dawson

(D) Joseph Fenn

Ans: (C) J. Dawson


82. Which social reformer of Kerala authored a book titled “Pracheena Malayalam”

(A) Narayana Guru

(B) Sahodaran Ayyappan

(C) Kumara Guru

(D) Chattambi Swamikal

Ans:(D) Chattambi Swamikal


83. “Awake, remember the Lord Almighty,
Get up at once and fight injustice”.
Which social reform organization of 20th century Kerala put forth the above slogan ?

(A) Yogakshema Sabha

(B) Atmavidya Sangham


(D) Sahodara Prasthanam

Ans: (B) Atmavidya Sangham


84. Who among the following literary figure of 19th century Kerala wrote a drama titled Ebraikutty ?

(A) Kerala Varma Valiya Koyil Tampuran

(B) M.C. Joseph

(C) George Varghese

(D) Kandathit Varghese Mappila

Ans: (D)Kandathit Varghese Mappila


85. In which year A.V. Kuttimalu Amma was elected to the Madras Legislative Assembly for the
first time ?

(A) 1937

(B) 1940

(C) 1941

(D) 1943

Ans:(A) 1937


86. Who among the following women social reformer and activist of 20th century Kerala actively
participated in the Paliyam Satyagraha of 1947 ?

(A) Akkamma Cheriyan

(B) Anna Chandi

(C) Kamalambal

(D) Arya Pallam

Ans:(D)Arya Pallam


87. Expand LPSC.

(A) Liquefied Petroleum Supply Chain

(B) Liquefied Petroleum Systems Centre

(C) Liquid Propulsion Service Centre

(D) Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre

Ans:(D) Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre



88. Libreville is the capital city of

(A) Madagascar

(B) Gabonese Republic

(C) Gambia

(D) Republic of Mali

Ans:(B)Gabonese Republic


89. The core of the transformer is laminated to

(A) Increase the magnetic flux linked with it

(B) Increase the flux leakage

(C) Reduce the power loss due to eddy current

(D) Reduce the hysteresis loss

Ans:(C) Reduce the power loss due to eddy current


90. The ability of the body to recognize, destroy and eliminate antigenic material is

(A) Immunity

(B) Resistance

(C) Insecticide

(D) Notification



91. The following disease are vaccine preventable except

(A) Poliomyelitis

(B) Diphtheria

(C) Malaria

(D) Tetanus

Ans:(C) Malaria


92. .. is the process of sterilisation of articles by steam under pressure using an apparatus

(A) Autoclaving

(B) Cooking

(C) boiling

(D) Fumigation

Ans:(A) Autoclaving


93. Night blindness is a deficiency disease of:

(A) Vitamin B

(B) Vitamin A

(C) Vitamin B12

(D) Iron

Ans:(B) Vitamin A


94. The permanent method of family wlefare programme for males ?

(A) Tubectomy

(B) Copper -T

(C) Vasectomy

(D) Nirodh

Ans:(C) Vasectomy


95. Post Partum Period

(A) After birth to 4 weeks

(B) Birth 8 weeks

(C) Birth to 6 weeks

(D) Birth to10 weeks

Ans:(C) Birth to 6 weeks


96. A.P.H Means

(A) Anterior Pituitary hormone

(B) Abraptio placental haemorrhage

(C) Adreno posterior Hyperplasia

(D) Ante partam Haemorrhage

Ans:(D) Ante partam Haemorrhage


97.The drug that inhibit cough reflex is termed as

(A) Antitussives

(B) Antihistemines

(C) Sulphonamides Vorine

(D) Expectorant

Ans:(A) Antitussives


98. Vaginal examination is carried out in a primi gravida to determine the pelvic size And shape at

(A) 34-36 weeks

(B) 38 weeks

(C) 40 weeks

(D) 28-30 weeks

Ans:(B) 38 weeks


99. A commonest combination of twin pregnancy is

(A) Vertex with breech

(B) Breech with breech

(C) Breech with vertex

(D) Vertex with vertex

Ans:(D) Vertex with vertex


100. The breathing is forced and there is high sound is known as

(A) Rales

(B) Grunting

(C) Stridor

(D) Stertorous

Ans:(C) Stridor

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