Kerala PSC Staff Nurse grade 2 Question And Answer Part 2

26. which of the following posture indicates brain stem lesion ?

(A) decorticate posture

(B) decerebrate posture

(C) flaccid posture

(D) rigid posture

Ans: (B) decerebrate posture


27. The receptive speech area is located in  ?

(A) Frontal lobe

(B) Parietal lobe

(C) Temporal lobe

(D) Occipital lobe

Ans: (C) Temporal lobe


28. Normal volume of CSF ?

(A) 50 ml

(B) 100 ml

(C) 150 ml

(D) 200 ml

Ans: (C) 150 ml


29.Taste perception of anterior 2/3 of tongue is supplied by

(A) Facial nerve

(B) Trigeminal nerve

(C) C. Vagus nerve

(D) Glossopharyngeal nerve

Ans: (A) Facial nerve


30. Which is the most and earliest indication of increasing ICP ?

(A) Altered level of consciousness

(B) Headache

(C)Projectile vomiting

(D)Widened pulse pressure

Ans: (A) Altered level of consciousness


31. The most important indicator in Glassgow coma scale

(A) Motor response

(B) Verbal response

(C) Eye opening response

(D) Widened pulse pressure

Ans: (C) Eye opening response


32. A patient who is taking beta blockers is monitored for shock . won’t present to such patient?

(A) Hypotension

(B) Tachycardia

(C) Oliguria

(D) Altered mental status

Ans:(B) Tachycardia


33. Which of the following statement is correct about malignant tumor?

(A) Malignant tumor stop dividing prematurely

(B) Malignant tumor invade surrounding cells and tissues

(C) Malignant tumor remains localized

(D) Malignant tumors have defective cell communication

Ans: (B) Malignant tumor invade surrounding cells and tissues


34. The cost effective way to prevent spreading of microganism:

(A) Wearing mask

(B) Wearing gloves

(C) Hand hygiene

(D) Wearing gown

Ans: (C) Hand hygiene


35. Ponderal index of them gestational age normal neonate:

(A) >2.5

(B) <2.5

(C) <2

(D) 2

Ans:(A) >2.5


36. The immediate action taken by a first aider to rescue a victim of heat stroke:

(A) Give oral fluids

(B) Fanning of victim

(C) Remove victim from hot environment

(D) Spraying water over the victim

Ans:(C) Remove victim from hot environment


37. Which of the following is not a cause for pernicious anaemia?

(A) Bleeding

(B) Chronic alcoholism

(C) Long term use of certain antibiotics

(D) Lack of intrinsic factor

Ans:(A) Bleeding



38. Which of the following surgery leads to dumping syndrome?



(C) Cholecystectomy




39. Which of the lab value would the nurse to be evaluated for a patient with pancreatitis?

(A) Serum .lipase

(B) Serum.CPK

(C) Serum.ALP

(D) Serum.AST

Ans:(A) Serum .lipase


40. The extrapyramidal side effect of antipsychotic agents are managed with following group of drugs except:

(A) Dopamine drugs

(B) Anticholinergic





41. Among the following which one is a delusional disorder?

(A) Trance

(B) Capuras syndrome

(C) Dissociative fugue

(D) Gansers syndrome

Ans:(B) Capuras syndrome


42. Which one is a fact about persons with suicidal tendency?

(A) Suicidal happens without warning

(B) Once a person is suicidal .he/she is suicidal forever

(C)Most suicidal person are undecided about dying or living

(D) Suicidal persons are fully intent on dying

Ans:(C)Most suicidal person are undecided about dying or living


43. Publication of a false statement about an individual made verbally or in some other from to
the third person:

(A) Battery

(B) Displacement

(C) Depersonalization

(D) Defamation

Ans:(D) Defamation


44. Most frequent neurotic disorder in puerperium:

(A) Postpartum blues

(B)Postpartum depression

(C)Postpartum psychosis

(D) Delivery related stress and anxiety

Ans:(D) Delivery related stress and anxiety



(A) Naloxone

(B) Naltrexone



Ans:(B) Naltrexone



46. The Most Commonest Psychiatric Disorder After Head Injury Is:

(A) Mania

(B) Schizophrenia





47. Which of the following is not an element of management ?


(B) Organising





48. Ability of an instrument to detect changes or differences when they occure:

(A) Validity

(B) Reliability





49. Which among the following is not a fact about EBP(evidence based practice)?

(A) Is use of best evidence to make decisions about care and treatment.

(B) Contribute to expand the knowledge base of profession.

(C)Includes patient preferences and values.

(D) Is another term for utilization of research findings.

Ans:(D) Is another term for utilization of research findings.


50. The audit which is conducted between 2 regular audit:

(A)Interval audit

(B) Final audit

(C)Interim audit

(D)Continuous audit

Ans:(C)Interim audit

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