Philately Quiz – Quiz on Postal System Part – 3

You will get 15 questions daily to practice. The topic is Philately.This is the 3rd part of the mock test. We give 15 questions you can easily practice

1. Of what etymological origin is the word philately ?
a) American and Spanish
b) Italian and Chinese
c) Greek and French
d) French and Spanish

2. Who came up with the word philately ?
a)Georges Herpin
b)Franklin Delano Roosevelt
c)Harold Ickes
d)John K. Tiffany

3. Where was the India’s first General Post Office or GPO established ?
a) Mumbai
b) Kolkatta
c) Chennai
d) Bengalore

4. What postage stamp is used for the official mail posted by Government/ Semi Government ?
a) Revenue Stamp
b) Service Stamp
c) Notary Stamp
d) Definitive Stamp

5. In which of the following offices foreign philatelic deposit account service is is deposit account service is available ?(Repeat 2011)
a) Delhi
b) Kolkata
c) Chennai
d) Mumbai

6. When and where the first postage stamp was issued ?
a) In 1840 in England
b) In 1940 in India
c) In 1740 in England
d) None of these

7. What does PIN Code stand for?
a) Public Index Number
b) Postal International Number
c) Post Interconinental Number
d) Postal Index Number

8. What did Independent India’s first stamp depict?
a) Hindustan Jindabad
b) Indian Flag with patriots & the slogan: JAI HIND
c) Indian Flag
d) Jai Hind

9. How many types of commemorative postage stamps were issued on the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi?
a) 4
b) 1
c) 2
d) 5

10. Under Deen Dayal SPARSH Yojana, the scholarship will be given to children studying:
a) VI to IX class
b) V to IX class
c) V to X class
d) VI to X class

11. ‘My Stamp’ was first introduced in India during the World Philatelic Exhibition:
a) ‘INDIPEX-2014’
b) ‘INDIPEX-2010’
c) ‘INDIPEX-2012’
d) ‘INDIPEX-2011’

12. What is the minimum deposit for opening a Philatelic Deposit Account?
a) Rs 100
b) Rs 200
c) Rs 300
d) Rs 250

13. What are the stamps that are used for day-to-day postal mailing purposes and are available at all post offices called?
a) Commemorative Stamps
b) Philatelic Stamps
c) My Stamps
d) Definitive Stamps

14. To cater seamlessly to philatelists across the globe, the Department of Posts has launched its own e-commerce portal called the:
a) DakPay
b) ePostOffice
c) IPPB App
d) Postman Mobile App

15. Where is the National Philatelic Museum?
a) New Delhi
b) Mumbai
c) Kolkotta
d) Chennai

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