Philately Quiz – Quiz on Postal System Part – 2


Philately is the study of postage stamps and postal history. You will get 15 questions daily to practice. The topic is “Philately “. This is the 2nd part of the mock test. We give 15 questions you can easily practice

1.On which date World Postal Day is celebrated?

10th June
9th October
13th October
10th November

2. Name the first indian newspaper to be honoured on postal stamp?

The Hindu
The Times of India
The Hindustan Times
deccan chronicle

3. The first foreigner to be honoured on Indian Stamp?

Albert Einstein
Nelson Mandela
Henry Dunant
Abraham Lincoln

4. The only person in the world to be honoured with a stamp by over 43 countries of the globe?

Albert Einstein
Mahatma Gandhi
Abraham Lincoln
Nelson Mandela

5. Which is the country that has the largest postal network in the world?


6. The first stamp on independent India was issued on ?

November 21, 1947
October 13, 1947
December 25, 1947
January 26, 1947

7.National Phitalely Day is celebrated on?

26 October
9 October
13 October
17 October

8. The first commemorative stamp on event was released in the year 1952. What was the event?

First General Election
Assam-Tibet Earthquake
First Asian Games
Central Railway was formed

9. What was depicted in the first postal stamp of independent India?

Mahatma Gandhi
National Flag
Ashoka Lion Capital

10. What is the white border area of the sheet of stamp called?

11. Who was the first Indian King to be depicted in the postal stamp?
Chandra Gupt Maurya
Shah Jahan

12. Which digit of PIN Code is reserved for Army Postal Service?

13. Who was the first Indian Woman to introduce on stamp?

Mother Teresa
Sarojini Naidu
Indira Gandhi

14.The first commemorative postal stamp on a person was issued in India in 1948. Who was the personality?
Mother Teresa
Jawaharlal Nehru
Subhashchandra Bose
Mahatma Gandhi

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