Switching on and shutting down of computer

Switching on and shutting down of computer

Computer should be switched on and shut down in a proper way. To switch on the computer, press the following buttons in sequence –

1.Main power switch
2.U.P.S. (Uninterrupted Power Supply) button
3.C.P.U.’s button
4.Monitor’s button

Wait till you see something on desktop screen on the monitor.Now you can work on the computer. When you finish your work, follow the following

steps to shut down the computer-

1.Click on the ‘start’ button on the monitor screen.

2.You will get an option of ‘shut down’. Click on this option. The computer will again try to confirm youraction. Again click on the option O.K.

3.When the screen gets clear, and the mouse and keyboard light switches off, switch off the U.P.S.

4.Finally switch off the main power button.

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