India States & Capital Quiz Part 1

29 states of india and their capitals online test of states and capitals states and capitals of india 50 states and capitals quiz matching states and capitals of india 2019 quiz on india map with states and capitals how many states in india 2020 list with names quiz questions on states and capitals of india
Take The quiz:Indian States Capitals.How Familiar are you with the state Capital of india
India is a federal Union Comprising 29 states and 8 union territories,for a total of 37 entities.
1.Where is the Capital of Kerala?

Ans: Thiruvanathapuram

2.What is the Capital Of Arunachal Pradesh?

Ans: Itanagar

3. What is the Capital of Assam?

Ans: Dispur

4.What is the Capital Of Maharashtra?

Ans: Mumbai

5.What is the Capital of Nagaland?

Ans: Kohima

6.What is the Capital of Goa?

Ans: Panaji

7.What is the Capital of Rajasthan?


8.What is the Capital Of Sikkim?

Ans: Gangtok

9.What is the Capital of Meghalaya?

Ans: Shillong

10.What is the Capital of Manipur?

Ans: Imphal


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