First Generation Computers

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The period of first generation Computer was 1940-1956.first generation of computer started with using vacuum tubes as the basic Components for Memory and Circuitry for CPU (Central Processing Unit).These tubes like electric bulb. Produced a lot of heat and were prone to frequent fusing of the installations therefore.were very expensive and could be afforded only by very large organisations.first generation computers are mainly batch processing operating system were used.In this generation Punched cards,Paper tape,Magnetic tape input & Output device were Used.There were Machine code and electric wired board languages used.


  • They Used Vacuum Tubes.
  • Magenetic drums for Memory
  • They were very expensive
  • Consume more power with limitted performance
  • Very costly
  • Un realiable
  • Slow input and out devices
  • Non Portable
  • They were Heavy and large in size
  • They generated lot of Heat
  • Machine language was used for programming
  • Output was displayed on print layout
  • Input based on punch card and paper tape

Examples of First Generation Computers

  • ENIAC -Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
  • EDVAC – Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
  • UNIVAC – Universal Automatic Computer
  • IBM 701
  • IBM 650

Question And Answers

  • Which electronic Componets are used in first Generation Computers ?
  • Answer – Vacuum Tubes
  • Which Programming Language is Used in First Generation Computers?
  • Answer – Machine Language
  • Which was the first Commercial Computer ?
  • Answer – Ferranti Mark 1
  • John Mauchly and J.Presper Eckert are the Inventors of which Computer ?
  • Answer – ENIAC
  • Who Invented Punch card ?
  • Answer -Herman Hollerith
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