Ganga River Quiz Part -1


The Ganges or Ganga is a Trans-boundary river of south Asia.which flows through India and Bangladesh.Ganga is the Second largest river on the Indian subcontinent by discharge.In Hinduism,the river Ganga is Considered sacred and is personified as the goddess Ganga.She is Worshiped by Hindus and Buddhists.


1. River Ganga flows through which country or countries?

a) India
b) Bangladesh
c) Nepal
d) Both A and B

Q2. On what basis is River Ganga the third largest river in the world?

a) Size
c) Number of bridges
d) Number of dams

Q3. Where does the river get discharged?

a) The Arabian Sea
b) The Bay of Bengal
c) The Indian Ocean
d) None of these

Q4. From which of the following states does the river not pass through?

a) Odisha
b) Maharashtra
c) Both A and B
d) Bihar

Q5. How many endangered species can be found in the river?

a) 10
b) 52
c) 64

Q6. Which one of these is an endangered species found in river ganga?

a) Gharial
b) South Asian river dolphin
c) Ganges shark
d) All of these

Q7. What is the name of the environment initiative taken by the government to save river ganga from pollution? This is the plan which failed to achieve its goals.

a)Ganga Action Plan
b) Save Ganga Plan
c) Shudh Paani Plan
d) No such plan was initiated

Q8. Which of these is not a tributary of river ganga?

a) Damodar
b) Satluj
c) Ghaghara
d) Garra

Q9. Which of the following rivers does not help in the formation of the Indo-Gangetic Plain?

a) Brahmaputra river
b) Ganga river
c) Indus river
d) Both B and C

Q10. What is the Indo-Gangetic plain also known as?

a) Foredeep
b) Foreland basin
c) Both A and B
d) None of these


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