Easy General knowledge questions for kids

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Easy General knowledge questions for kids help in improving grades and getting Smarter.to improve kids basic General Knowledge.

1.How Many States are there in India ?
Answer – 29

2.How Many Continents are there in the World ?
Answer -Seven

3.Which is the Biggest Continent in the World ?
Answer -Asia

4.Which is the Smallest Continent in the world ?
Answer -Australia

5.How Many Oceans are there in the World ?
Answer -5 Oceans

6.Which is the largest Ocean in the world ?
Answer -Pacific Ocean

7.Which is the largest Desert in the world ?
Answer -Sahara Desert

8.Which is the Smallest State in India ?
Answer -Goa

9.Which is the Most Educated state in india ?
Answer – Kerala

10.Which city is Known as the Golden city of India ?
Answer -Jaisalmer

11.Which City is known as the Blue City of India ?
Answer – Jodhpur

12.Which is the Largest Fresh Water Lake in Asia ?
Answer -Lake Wular

13.Which is the Largest Desert in India ?
Answer – Thar Desert

14.Which is the Largest Cold Desert of Earth ?
Answer -Antartic Polar Desert

15.What is the Name of National Bird of India ?
Answer -Indian Peacock

16.What is the National Animal of India ?
Answer –Bengal Tiger

17.What is the National tree of india ?
Answer -Banyan tree

18.What is the National Sport of India ?
Answer -Hockey

19.How Many bones are there in the Human body ?
Answer -206 Bones

20.Which is the National Flower of India ?
Answer – Lotus

21.Which is the National Emblem of India ?
Answer – Ashoka Chakra

22.How many planets are there in the solar system ?
Answer -8 Planets

23.What is the Largest planet in the Solar system ?
Answer -Jupiter

24.Which is the Smallest Planet in Solar System ?
Answer -Mercury

25.Which is the Natural Satellite of Earth ?
Answer -Moon

26.How Long does Earth takes to Rotate the Sun ?
Answer -365 days

27.Which planets has the Most Moons ?
Answer -Jupiter

28.Who is the President of India ?
Answer – Ramnath Govind

29.Who is the Prime Minister of India ?
Answer -Narendra Modi

30.Which is the Highest Peak in India ?
Answer -Kangchenjunga

31.Which is the Tallest Aniaml in the World ?
Answer -Giraffe

32.Which is the Largest Animal in the World ?
Answer -Blue Whale

33.What is the name of Currency used in India ?
Answer –Rupees

34.Which is the Land of Midnight Sun ?
Answer -Norway

35.Which Country is Known as the land of Rising Sun?
Answer -Japan

36.Who is the First Citizen of India ?
Answer- President

37.When Children’s day celebrated?
Answer -November 14th

38.When Teacher’s Day is Celebrated?
Answer-September 5th

39.Who is Called Father of India ?
Answer – Mahatma Gandhi

40.Which is the largest Search Engine in the World ?

41.Which Country has the Second Largest Population in the World?

42.Which Country has the Smallest Population?
Answer -Vatican City

43.Which is the Largest dam in india ?
Answer -Tehri Dam

44.Where is the Parliament of india?
Answer-New Delhi

45.How many Colours are there in a Rainbow?
Answer-7 Colours

46.Which Animal Known as the Ship of the Desert?
Answer -Camel

47.Which is the tallest Mountain in the World ?
Answer -Mount Everest

48.Which Planet Known as the Red Planet ?
Answer -Mars

49.How many letters are there in the English alphabet ?
Answer -26

50 .How many Consonants are there in the English alphabet?
Answer -21

51.How many sides are there in a triangle ?
Answer -Three (3)

52.In which direction does the sun rise ?

53.What do you call a type of shape that has five sides?
Answer -Pentagon

54.Which month of the Year has the least number of days ?
Answer -February

55.Which is the largest flower in the world ?
Answer -Rafflesia

56.Which are the vowels in the English alphabet Series ?
Answer -A,E,I,O,U

57.How many hours are there in two days?
Answer -48 hours

58.How many months of the year have 31 days ?
Answer -7

59.How many weeks are there in one year ?

60.How many millimetres are there in 1 cm?
Answer -10

61.Which is the nearest star to Planet earth ?
Answer -Sun

62.What do you call a house Made of ice ?
Answer -Igloo

63.Which is the longest river on the earth ?
Answer -Nile

64.Which is the principal source of energy for earth ?
Answer -Sun

65.Which is the Coldest location in the earth?
Answer-East Antarctica

66.How many lungs does the human body have ?
Answer -Two

67.What is the Standard taste of the water ?
Answer -Water is tasteless

68.Which is the fastest animal on the land ?
Answer – Cheetah

69.Which Continent is Known as Dark Continent ?
Answer -Africa

70.Who is the inventor of electricity ?
Answer -Benjamin Franklin

71.Which is the most sensitive organ in our Body ?
Answer -Skin

72.Which is the most Spoken language in the world ?
Answer -Mandarin (Chinesse)

73.The largest Democracy in the World ?
Answer –India

74.Who is the Inventor of Television ?
Answer – John Logie Baird

75.Which is the Largest Ocean in the World ?
Answer – Pacific Ocean

76.Which is the largest Plateau in the world ?
Answer-Tibetan Plateau

77.Which is the instrument used to measure Blood pressure?

78.Which day is observed as World Environment Day?
Answer -June 5

79.How many years are there in a Century?
Answer- One Hundred

80.Which is the largest Country in the World ?
Answer – Russia (By area )

81.Who Invented the Computer ?
Answer -Charles Babbage

82.Which festival is known as the Festival of colours ?
Answer -Holi

83.How many players are there in a cricket team?
Answer -11

84.Which day is observed as the World Literacy Day ?
Answer -September 8

85.Who is the inventor of Radio ?
Answer – Marconi

86.What Colour Symbolises peace?
Answer -White

87.Who is the founder of Microsoft ?
Answer -Bill Gates

88.During which year did World War 1 begin ?
Answer -1914

89.Which festival is called the festival of light ?
Answer -Diwali

90.How many Cricket world cups does India have ?
Answer -2

91.Which place is Known as the roof of the world ?
Answer -Tibet

92.Which gas is the most abundant in the earth’s atmosphere?

93.Which is the Continent with the most number of countries?
Answer -Africa

94.How many strings does a Violin have ?
Answer -Four

95.Global warming is caused by the excess of which type of gas ?
Answer –Carbon dioxide

96.How many Cards are there in a complete pack of cards ?
Answer- 52

97.What is the name of biggest rain forest in the world ?
Answer -The Amazon

98.Which African nation is famous for Choclate ?
Answer -Ghana

99.Which instrument is used for measuring wind speed?
Answer -Anemometer

100.Which is the hottest continent on Earth ?
Answer – Africa

101.What is the top colour in rainbow ?
Answer -Red

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