Easy General knowledge questions for kids


Easy General knowledge questions for kids help in improving grades and getting Smarter.to improve kids basic General Knowledge.

1.How Many States are there in India ?
Answer – 29

2.How Many Continents are there in the World ?
Answer -Seven

3.Which is the Biggest Continent in the World ?
Answer -Asia

4.Which is the Smallest Continent in the world ?
Answer -Australia

5.How Many Oceans are there in the World ?
Answer -5 Oceans

6.Which is the largest Ocean in the world ?
Answer -Pacific Ocean

7.Which is the largest Desert in the world ?
Answer -Sahara Desert

8.Which is the Smallest State in India ?
Answer -Goa

9.Which is the Most Educated state in india ?
Answer – Kerala

10.Which city is Known as the Golden city of India ?
Answer -Jaisalmer

11.Which City is known as the Blue City of India ?
Answer – Jodhpur

12.Which is the Largest Fresh Water Lake in Asia ?
Answer -Lake Wular

13.Which is the Largest Desert in India ?
Answer – Thar Desert

14.Which is the Largest Cold Desert of Earth ?
Answer -Antartic Polar Desert

15.What is the Name of National Bird of India ?
Answer -Indian Peacock

16.What is the National Animal of India ?
Answer –Bengal Tiger

17.What is the National tree of india ?
Answer -Banyan tree

18.What is the National Sport of India ?
Answer -Hockey

19.How Many bones are there in the Human body ?
Answer -206 Bones

20.Which is the National Flower of India ?
Answer – Lotus

21.Which is the National Emblem of India ?
Answer – Ashoka Chakra

22.How many planets are there in the solar system ?
Answer -8 Planets

23.What is the Largest planet in the Solar system ?
Answer -Jupiter

24.Which is the Smallest Planet in Solar System ?
Answer -Mercury

25.Which is the Natural Satellite of Earth ?
Answer -Moon

26.How Long does Earth takes to Rotate the Sun ?
Answer -365 days

27.Which planets has the Most Moons ?
Answer -Jupiter

28.Who is the President of India ?
Answer – Ramnath Govind

29.Who is the Prime Minister of India ?
Answer -Narendra Modi

30.Which is the Highest Peak in India ?
Answer -Kangchenjunga

31.Which is the Tallest Aniaml in the World ?
Answer -Giraffe

32.Which is the Largest Animal in the World ?
Answer -Blue Whale

33.What is the name of Currency used in India ?
Answer –Rupees

34.Which is the Land of Midnight Sun ?
Answer -Norway

35.Which Country is Known as the land of Rising Sun?
Answer -Japan

36.Who is the First Citizen of India ?
Answer- President

37.When Children’s day celebrated?
Answer -November 14th

38.When Teacher’s Day is Celebrated?
Answer-September 5th

39.Who is Called Father of India ?
Answer – Mahatma Gandhi

40.Which is the largest Search Engine in the World ?

41.Which Country has the Second Largest Population in the World?

42.Which Country has the Smallest Population?
Answer -Vatican City

43.Which is the Largest dam in india ?
Answer -Tehri Dam

44.Where is the Parliament of india?
Answer-New Delhi

45.How many Colours are there in a Rainbow?
Answer-7 Colours

46.Which Animal Known as the Ship of the Desert?
Answer -Camel

47.Which is the tallest Mountain in the World ?
Answer -Mount Everest

48.Which Planet Known as the Red Planet ?
Answer -Mars

49.How many letters are there in the English alphabet ?
Answer -26

50 .How many Consonants are there in the English alphabet?
Answer -21

51.How many sides are there in a triangle ?
Answer -Three (3)

52.In which direction does the sun rise ?

53.What do you call a type of shape that has five sides?
Answer -Pentagon

54.Which month of the Year has the least number of days ?
Answer -February

55.Which is the largest flower in the world ?
Answer -Rafflesia

56.Which are the vowels in the English alphabet Series ?
Answer -A,E,I,O,U

57.How many hours are there in two days?
Answer -48 hours

58.How many months of the year have 31 days ?
Answer -7

59.How many weeks are there in one year ?

60.How many millimetres are there in 1 cm?
Answer -10

61.Which is the nearest star to Planet earth ?
Answer -Sun

62.What do you call a house Made of ice ?
Answer -Igloo

63.Which is the longest river on the earth ?
Answer -Nile

64.Which is the principal source of energy for earth ?
Answer -Sun

65.Which is the Coldest location in the earth?
Answer-East Antarctica

66.How many lungs does the human body have ?
Answer -Two

67.What is the Standard taste of the water ?
Answer -Water is tasteless

68.Which is the fastest animal on the land ?
Answer – Cheetah

69.Which Continent is Known as Dark Continent ?
Answer -Africa

70.Who is the inventor of electricity ?
Answer -Benjamin Franklin

71.Which is the most sensitive organ in our Body ?
Answer -Skin

72.Which is the most Spoken language in the world ?
Answer -Mandarin (Chinesse)

73.The largest Democracy in the World ?
Answer –India

74.Who is the Inventor of Television ?
Answer – John Logie Baird

75.Which is the Largest Ocean in the World ?
Answer – Pacific Ocean

76.Which is the largest Plateau in the world ?
Answer-Tibetan Plateau

77.Which is the instrument used to measure Blood pressure?

78.Which day is observed as World Environment Day?
Answer -June 5

79.How many years are there in a Century?
Answer- One Hundred

80.Which is the largest Country in the World ?
Answer – Russia (By area )

81.Who Invented the Computer ?
Answer -Charles Babbage

82.Which festival is known as the Festival of colours ?
Answer -Holi

83.How many players are there in a cricket team?
Answer -11

84.Which day is observed as the World Literacy Day ?
Answer -September 8

85.Who is the inventor of Radio ?
Answer – Marconi

86.What Colour Symbolises peace?
Answer -White

87.Who is the founder of Microsoft ?
Answer -Bill Gates

88.During which year did World War 1 begin ?
Answer -1914

89.Which festival is called the festival of light ?
Answer -Diwali

90.How many Cricket world cups does India have ?
Answer -2

91.Which place is Known as the roof of the world ?
Answer -Tibet

92.Which gas is the most abundant in the earth’s atmosphere?

93.Which is the Continent with the most number of countries?
Answer -Africa

94.How many strings does a Violin have ?
Answer -Four

95.Global warming is caused by the excess of which type of gas ?
Answer –Carbon dioxide

96.How many Cards are there in a complete pack of cards ?
Answer- 52

97.What is the name of biggest rain forest in the world ?
Answer -The Amazon

98.Which African nation is famous for Choclate ?
Answer -Ghana

99.Which instrument is used for measuring wind speed?
Answer -Anemometer

100.Which is the hottest continent on Earth ?
Answer – Africa

101.What is the top colour in rainbow ?
Answer -Red

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