Kannur District Important Psc Questions

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  • Thalassery is known as "Land of Three C's" 
         (Cricket,Cake and Circus)
  • Thalassery is the Home land of Kerala Circus
  • Pazhassi dam in Kannur is Constructed across Valappattanam river.
  • Valappattanam River is the largest river in the Kannur district
  • longest- serving Chief Minister of Kerala EK Nayanar was born in Kalliasseri
  • Ayalkootam project was first established in Kalliasseri Kannur
  • The Northern most Corporation in Kerala - Kannur
  •  Kannur is Known as the Manchester of Kerala
  • Kannur is also Known as the Land of Theyyam
  • The only Cantonment in kerala- Kannur
  • Assemblly Constituencies -11
  • Lok Sabha Constituencies - 1  

1.The district with longest Coastal area ?
Answer - Kannur

2.The largest producer of Cashew nuts in Kerala  ?
Answer - Kannur

3.Kannur District formed on ?
Answer -1 January 1957

4.The Old name of Kannur ?
Answer - Cannanore

5.Arakkal Museum is Situated at ?
Answer -Ayikkara (Kannur)

6.Which is the longest beach in kerala ?
Answer-Muzhappilangadi Beach

7.The fourth international Airport Coming in Kerala Situated at ?
Answer - Moorka Parambu (Kannur)

8.First Zero Landless District in India
Answer - Kannur

9.The northern most Wildlife Sanctuary in kerala ?
Answer - Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

10.Pariyaram Medical College is situated at ?
Answer - Kannur

11.The main Venu of Salt Satyagraha in kerala ?
Answer - Uliyathu Kadavu in Payyannur

12.The highest Sex ratio district in kerala ?
Answer-Kannur (1133/1000)

13.Paithal Mala hill station is situated in ?
Answer - Kannur

14.Which is the last formed corporation in Kerala ?
Answer- Kannur Corporation

15.Pepper Research Station in Kerala Situated at ?
Answer - Panniyur (Kannur)

16.first district in india to achieve 100% primary education ?
Answer - Kannur

17.Kerala Folklore Academy Situated at ?
Answer - Kannur

18.Kannur University Established in ?
Answer -1996

19.First Bakery in Kerala was started at ?
Answer - Thalassery

20.The first state in india to attain total Primary Education
Answer - Kerala

21.Indian Naval Academy is situated at ?
Answer - Ezhimala (Kannur)

22.Malabar Cancer Centre Situated at ?
Answer - Kodiyeri (Kannur)

23.Kerala State Handloom Development Corporation Situated at ?
Answer - Kannur

24.The first Coast Guard Academy in India is at ?
Answer - Kannur

25.The first Malayalam News Paper ?
Answer - Rajyasamacharam

26.First Khadi factory was started in ?
Answer - Kannur

27.First jail museum in Kerala will be set up at ?
Answer - Kannur Central Jail

28.Which Wildlife Sanctuary Known as Silent Valley of Kannur' ?
Answer - Aralam Wild life Sanctuary

29.The first Gymnastic Training Centre of india is Located at  ?
Answer - Kannur

30.Payyannur is known as  Second Bardoli

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