Loka Kerala Sabha

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 Loka Kerala Sabha

                Loka Kerala Sabha (World Kerala Assembly) is an event hosted by the state government of Kerala to bring Keralites living around the globe under one platform  It was hosted under the department of Non-Keralites residents. It aims at utilizing  the expertise of Non-resident Keralites for developing Kerala State. Loka Kerala Sabha is proposed to happen once in two years.

Native Name    –    Loka Kerala Sabha
Date                    –    January 12, 2018
Duration           –    Two days
Location            –   Trivandrum, India
Organized by   –    Kerala government      
 Web Site           –    Loka Kerala Sabha   
           The first Loka Kerala sabha happened from 12-13 January 2018. 351 members attended the first Loka kerala Sabha out of  which 100 were living abroad, 42 were from  other states of India. This event was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of kerala,  Pinaryi  Vijayan.

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