Vaikunda Swamikal Kerala Renaissance Leader - Great Ambitions

Vaikunda Swamikal Kerala Renaissance Leader

    Vaikunda swamikal,Munthirikkinar
  • Father - Ponnu madan
  • Mother - Veyilal Amma
  • Wife    - Thirumalammal
  • Birth place of Vaikunda swamikal - Swamithoppu (Nagarkovil)
  • Vaikunda Swamikal Born on - 1809 March 12
  • First Social reformer in kerala
  • Other names of Vaikunda swamikal - Mudichoodum perumal(Muthukutti)
  • Founded an organisation equality of humans known as "Samatva Samajam"(1836)
  • The leader of upper cloth revolt was Vaikunda swamikal
  • The social reformer who opposed the devadasi system in Temples
  • The temple founded by Vaikunda swamikal - Nizhal Thankal
  • Vaikunda swamikal died on  - 3rd June 1851
  • The public well constructed by Vaikunda swamikal - Munthirikkinar
  • Ayyavazhi theory realed to - Vaikunda swamikal
  • The symbol of Ayyavazhi religion - A lotus Carrying a flame
  • Vaikunda swamikal consturcted Munthirikinnar situated at Swamithoppu
  • Swami called the british rule in the Travancore as - Rule of White Devils
  • Vaikunda temple is located at - Swamithoppu (Kanyakumari)
  • Who Known as Sampoorna Devan - Vaikunda Swamikal
  • Name of the books shares of the ideas of Ayya Vazhi -Akhilathiruttu  and Arulnool
  • Who Organised Sama Panthi Bhojanam - Vaikunda swamikal
  •  Famous disciple of Vaikunda swamikal - Thycaud Ayya
  • The Vaikunda malai is located at - Athala Vilai (Kanyakumari)

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