Commonwealth Games Gk Quiz 2018

commonwealth games

1. In Which City Commonwealth game 2014 Held ?

Answer - Glasgow

2.Since the first game in 1930,which country has led the medal count the most times?

Answer - Australia

3.Howmany Nations Are Participating 2018 Commonwealth games

Answer - 71

4.Motto of the 2018 Commonwealth game?

Answer - Share the Dream

5.Which city host 2018 commonwealth games?

Answer - Gold Coast Queensland

6.Which Country Host 2018 Common wealth games ?

Answer - Australia

7.Who is won the first Gold medal in india  2018 Commonwealth games ?

Answer - Mira Bhai Chanu

8.The Common wealth Game first held in ?

Answer - 1930

9.Which African City will host 2022 Commonwealth Games ?

Answer -Durban

10.At 1930 Commonwealth Games ,Woman only Competed Which Event ?

Answer -Swimming/Diving

11.How often are the commonwealth games are held ?

Answer - Every 4 Year

12.The 2018 commonwealth games Officialy Known as?

Answer - XX1 Commonwealth games

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