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  • Which country won 1000 gold medals in Olympics – USA
  • Which country produce Highest Amount Of gold – China
  • In India,Where will the 2018 G-20 Summit Take Place – New Delhi
  • Which Country Hosts 2019 Asian Games – Indonesia (Surakkartha)
  • Which country hosts 2020 Olympic Games –Japan (Tokyo)
  • Which country hosts 2018 Common wealth Games ? – Australia (Gold coast)
  • Name the First Indian who won two Oscar Awards ?- A.R.Rahman
  • When Was United Nations Established ? – 24 October 1945
  • Name the first Indian woman to become a member of the international olympic committe – Nita Ambani
  • Which Country has the largest Football stadium – Brazil (Maracana)
  • Which metal was first used by man – Gold (6000 B.C)
  • Who is the First man to walk around the world – Steven M.Newman
  • Name the national flower of China – Peony
  • Which Country is called the ‘Island of Clove’ – Zanzibar
  • The equator passes through which continent – Africa
  • Name the Asian country where the educated women are found in large numbers – India
  • Who is honoured as the Father of modern Medicine – Hippocrates
  • Which Country introduced Plastic Currency – Australia
  • Which county in Asia is using a large quantity of water ?- India
  • What is the name of the leaf that is placed in canadian flag – Maple leaf
  • Who discovered the blood circulation – William Harvey
  • Which is the national game of canada – Lacrosse
  • Who proposed the five kingdom classification – R.H.whittaker
  • The Netherlands was earlier Known as – Holland
  • Which are the basic Colours – Red,Blue,Green
  • Which is the biggest country area-wise – Russia
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