Indian Railway Gk Questions

Indian Railway

  • First Electric Train in India – Deccan Queen
  • The First Double Decker Train in india – Sinhagad Express (Bombay -pune)
  • First Superfast train in india – Delhi –Howrah Rajadhani Express
  • First Ladies Special train Was introduced Between- Churchgate to Virar
  • Longest railway tunnel in india – Pir Panjal railway tunnel( jammu & kashmir)
  • First luxurious train service in south india – Golden Chariot
  • First Railway Tunnel in india – Parsik tunnel
  • The highest railway station in india – Ghum railway station(Darjeeling)
  • Longest service train in india – Vivek Express (Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari
  • The longest railway platform in the world – Gorakhpur (Uttarpradesh)

Prasidential Saloon

  •    The train with two coaches introduced for indian president’s train journey – The presidential Saloon
  • First President to travel by Presidental Saloon – D.r. Rajendra Prasad
  • The presidental Saloon Last Used By – D.R.APJ Abdul Kalam

Metro Rail

  • The First Metro railway In india – Kolkata (1984)
  • The second Metro Rail is in india – New Delhi
  • First metro train to be made in india – Movia
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