First In World

                                     FIRST IN WORLD

  • The first man reach north pole  – Robert Edwin Peary
  • First country to print books -China
  • First space shuttle launched -Columbia
  • First European to visit China -Marco Polo
  • First university of world  – Taxila University
  • The first country to issue paper currency – China
  • First country to launch satellite into space – Russia
  • First woman prime minister of England – Margaret Thatcher
  • First country to win the world cup Football – Uruguay(1930)
  • First country to make education compulsory – Prussia
  • First country to send human to the moon – United States of America
  • First radio telescope satellite was launched into space – Japan
  •  First country to make a constitution -United States of America
  • First president of United States of America – George Wahington
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