1. Highest award in india ?

    Answer:Bharat ratna

  2. Highest gallanty award in india ?

    Answer:Param vir chakra
  3 . Longest river in india ?

  Answer :The Ganges

 4. The longest tributary river of india?

  Answer :Yamuna.

5.  Largest Lake ?
Answer :Wular lake,kashmir

6.  Largest Lake in india (saline water) ?

Answer :Chilka Lake ,orrisa

7. Largest fresh water lake in india ?

 Answer :kolleru Lake ( Andhra pradesh)

8. Largest man made lake ?

Answer :Govind vallabh pant sagar (Rihand Dam)

9. Highest Lake in India ?

Answer :Devatal,Gadhwal (Uttarakhand)

10. Largest populated city?

Answer :Mumbai

11.Largest state (area)in india?

Answer :Rajasthan

12. Largest state (population)?

Answer : Uttar pradesh

13. highest rainfall ?

Answer :cherrapunchi (426 inches per annum)

14.Longest road in india?

 Answer: Grand Trunk Road

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